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If I acquired a large asset with a person who I intended to go into a business partnership with but it fell through, can I sue him for half of that asset?

It depends on what the terms of the agreement between you as business formation, investment, and this asset in particular were--any contracts or other agreements governing this asset and the circumsta

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 17 days ago

How do I dissolve an LLC if 1 of the 2 partners does not want to dissolve it?

In order to dissolve an LLC, you normally look to your LLC's Operating Agreement. If the agreement was written correctly, it will provide the procedures for settling disputes and dissolving the LLC.&n

Brian Spaulding answered 19 days ago

Can a sole proprietor hire an independent contractor with only a DBA license?

Yes, you can hire an independent contractor who does not have a  "corporate" structure (e.g. a corporation or LLC). All you absolutely need is his/her social security number, which will used on t

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 1 month ago

What type of legal action do I need to take with trademarking a clothing line?

To trademark any product, 1) The trademark must meet the criteria or standards for being trademarked which (to oversimplify) means that the proposed mark (your logo, brandname, symbol, etc.) is not b

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 3 months ago

If I had a tile business which I closed 4 years ago, what is my liability now for a job that I did?

Well, the first issue is "are you or were you licensed by the State in which you performed the services"? If so, the State licensing board may require certain time frames and warranties. In any event,

Shawn Jackson answered 3 months ago


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