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What to do if I have 40 hours of community service still to complete and my court date is coming up?

It is not possible to predict whether or not the judge will grant you an extension of time to complete the community service. All you can do is explain to the judge why you were unable to complete th

S.L,. Member, California Bar answered 5 months ago

What to do if my girlfriend was caught shoplifting in a store and then I was searched?

Based upon the serious situation that your gorlfriend has gotten you into I suggest that you immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney in your locality to see what can be done to resolve th

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 6 months ago

What to do if my son was cited for "driving without decreasing speed as necessary to avoid colliding with a vehicle"?

Given the lack of specificity with respect to the citation that you have written about concerning your son, he should immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney to see what can be done to de

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 6 months ago

If I'm 18 an have a girlfriend that's 15, do I have protection under the Romeo and Juliet exception/law?

Not in Minnesota. Sexual contact would be a very serious delony offense resukt in prison time, reporting as a sexual offender and fines. 

Maury Beaulier answered 7 months ago

Can I be arrested for trespassing if I entered a store that I had promised to never go into after a shoplifting incident?

Technically, what you did would be trespassing: you went someplace you had no persmission or right to be. Practically, given the circumstances--a year later; you had a legitimate reason (a return); y

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 7 months ago


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