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Is there a statute of limitations for misdemeanors?

In your state the time period for the district attorney's office to file a criminal action for a misdemeanor is four (4) years after it happens. From what you have written about the time period to bri

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 8 months ago

If a friend was recently sexually assaulted on the same college campus that I attend, am I legally allowed to keep a taser with me?

Good thing you asked.  A taser is a stun gun (Taser is the brand name). In North Carolina, it is legal to buy a stun gun, but you may possess and use it only on your own premises (in yo

M.T.G., Member, New York Bar answered 9 months ago

What to do if my ex-boyfriend has possession of a vehicle under my name and my name only but will not return it?

If he has taken and will not return property belonging to you (the vehicle), you could sue him for its return and/or to recover monetary compensation (e.g. get back the amount you've paid on the loans

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 9 months ago

What to do if I just found out that I have a 7 year old warrant for grand larceny in another state?

I suggest that you consult with a criminal defense attorney that practices law in the county where the arrest warrant was issues against you to investigate it and see what can be done to recall it and

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 10 months ago

Could a statement made to law enforcement be found inadmissible if the person making the statement suffers from sever depression symptoms?

It is entirely possible that the person who allegedly made the statement that you referred to did not have the mental capability to know what he or she was saying and hence the statement could possibl

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 10 months ago


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