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If I took some merchandise valued under $50 from a retail store and left the store after giving the merchandise back to loss prevention, can I still be charged?

In common usage, theft is the taking of another person's property without that person's permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it. The word is also used as an informal

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 11 months ago

If I have a bench warrant but I'm in a different state, can I turn myself in to the police in the state I'm in now?

NO! You're actually walking a very dangerous line. If you're held, here, on an out-of-state warrant, and the issuing state wants to come get you---you'll be held without bail until they decide to come

Stan Helinski answered 1 year ago

What to do if I did cleaning work for someone and they owe me $180?

Just because someone owes you money does not give you the right to take or unlawfully possess the other person's property.  If you can not personally serve her at a known address, most states hav

Anne Brady answered 1 year ago

What to do if my 16 year old son received a misdemeanor criminal summons for communicating threats?

It would be best to have an attorney review this matter and he may be charged as an adult (16 is not young). You want to make sure this matter is addressed with possible alternative conviction program

MD, Member, California Bar answered 1 year ago

If my sister caught shoplifting and was given a ticket with court date, will she go to jail or have to pay large fine if found guilty?

It depends on the jurisdiction and the amount of theft. If just given a ticket, jail may not be in the sentence or it could be a small term.  Either way, she will also wind up with fines and

MD, Member, California Bar answered 1 year ago


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