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What constitutes an illegal search and seizure?

Any search is bound by constitutional provisions tha it cannot be conducted in an unreasonable manner.  What is generally unreasonable depends in the ciircumstancs.  In most cases, a search

Maury Beaulier answered 7 months ago

What to do if my public defender failed to show in court this week?

You can dismiss your attorney (i.e. fire) them from your case. You can do this by requesting a hearing for "substitution of court appointed counsel". This means that you can get yo

M.D., Member, California and New York Bar answered 8 months ago

Do I have the right to refuse a polygraph test?

Yes, you can refuse to take this polygraph if you choose not to, no matter what you initially agreed to. In fact you don't even have to any conversation at all with the police if y

M.D., Member, California and New York Bar answered 8 months ago

What to do if I'm going to court at the end of the month for a shoplifting charge for an amount less than $20?

My advice to you concerning the matter you have written about is to see if you qualify for the first offenders program where you get fined, ordered to do community service work and are on court probat

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 9 months ago

What to do if I need the expungement of criminal charges that were dismissed?

You need to find a legal aid attorney who can help you with filing expungements since your charges were dismissed and then following up with both the state criminal background check system and FBI che

MD, Member, California Bar answered 9 months ago


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