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If my sister caught shoplifting and was given a ticket with court date, will she go to jail or have to pay large fine if found guilty?

It depends on the jurisdiction and the amount of theft. If just given a ticket, jail may not be in the sentence or it could be a small term.  Either way, she will also wind up with fines and

MD, Member, California Bar answered 3 months ago

If you are served with a citation for drug paraphernalia and you don't have a previous record, what will your punishment likely be?

Since you are a minor and assuming you are convicted of the crime that you have written about, most likely you will be fined, placed on probation and attend drug counseling as a penalty. I suggest tha

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 4 months ago

What does it take to have a solicitation of a minor charge removed from your record, including the sex offender information?

What you need to do is to consult an attorney in the area regarding the possibility of  opening up the conviction is you believe he did not effective counsel to represent him in his defense. &nbs

M.T.G., Member, New York Bar answered 4 months ago

What to do if I got a ticket for a concealed handgun?

Concealed carry laws are pretty extensive in North Carolina. You do need (unless you meet exemptions like being a police officer or government agent of some sort) a concealed carry permit to carry a h

MD, Member, California Bar answered 4 months ago

What to do if I have been given a citation for procuring sexual intercourse?

You should obtain counsel to see if you qualify for an alternative conviction program wherein if you meet and complete certain conditions like counseling, community service and/or fines, your charges

MD, Member, California Bar answered 5 months ago


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