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If I was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery when I was 21 years old, can I get this expunged from my record after I am off the registry?

You msut ask a lawyer in your state.  Expungementlaws ary from State to State.  Serious felonies, however, would be very difficult to expunge. that is particualrly true if your are required

Maury Beaulier answered 6 months ago

Can I get on a deferred program after pleading guilty to larceny charge?

Please, please, pleaes go and speak with a lawyer on this matter and see what can be done.  Did you waive your right to an attorney?  There ma be motion practice that needs to be done - if i

M.T.G., Member, New York Bar answered 6 months ago

What should I do if I have a order for my arrest for probation violation?

You should retain counsel  The case and the violation would have to be reviewed to determine the best way to proceed.  In some instances, a warrant may be stayed pending a hearing with assis

Maury Beaulier answered 7 months ago

Does any criminal liability attach if I want to adopt a cat from the shelter and lied about my address on the form?

Do you mean for a falsifying documents charge?  Generally speaking, such charges are brought and prosecuted in very different circumstances than yours, although I guess it would be possible for t

M.T.G., Member, New York Bar answered 7 months ago

What to do about my embezzling funds from my employer?

Even if you pay her back, she could *still* report you to the police, since having paid the victim of a crime back for the theft does not make the crime "unhappen"--it still occured and you still brok

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 8 months ago


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