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What will happen if my husband was driving his mother's car but got pulled and charged with possession of her pain meds?

You have a reasonably good chance, especially if you get your husband's mother to come to court and testify not only that it is her car and she left the bottle in there, so that 1) that the meds are h

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 5 months ago

If I was convicted of simple assault 5 years ago which stemmed from a domestic argument with my wife but she were now to recant, is their a way for her to avoid criminal charges?

Whether charges would be brought (e.g. for perjury--lying under oath or on sworn statements) is up to the prosecutor, and they may decline to charge her--but they could. If you wife recants her testim

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 5 months ago

If I broke into a store and took more than $2000 worth of stuff, what might the penalties be if I'm 17 and this is my first offense?

This is felony level.  What you now need to consider is that this is going to be felony larceny (grand theft) in addition to the selling of stolen property and probably a conspiracy (you had an a

MD, Member, California Bar answered 6 months ago

If my son was arrested for having marijuana paraphanelia in his vehicle, should I hire an attorney to act on his behalf?

It would be advisable for your son to be represented by an attorney.  The attorney can represent your son in this case and can provide legal advice on future expungement of your son's criminal re

S.L,. Member, California Bar answered 6 months ago

If I was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery when I was 21 years old, can I get this expunged from my record after I am off the registry?

You msut ask a lawyer in your state.  Expungementlaws ary from State to State.  Serious felonies, however, would be very difficult to expunge. that is particualrly true if your are required

Maury Beaulier answered 11 months ago


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