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What can I do if I was using a blender when the container exploded and shards of sharp plastic went into my knee and arm?

It doesn't matter how much worse it "could" have been--the law does not deal in possible or potential injury, but only in actual injury. If you sue, you can only recover the sum of 1) your actual out

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 10 days ago

Is a golfer who hits an errant shot off the tee and strikes a non-golfer who is walking down a sidewalk on a public street liable for hitting the non-golfer?

Typically, the golfer would not be liable unless he or she was being unreasonably careless, or deliberately doing something dangerous: golfing while drunk; deliberately trying to hit the ball off the

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 2 months ago

Are there grounds for a lawsuit if my breast implant was ruptured during a mammogram?

The issue is *why* did it rupture. The law does not require medical professionals to be perfect--sometimes, they do everything they are expected to do, but still have bad outcomes, and when that happe

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 3 months ago

Can I sue if I live in an apartment complex and have slipped twice on ice in the parking lot due to their failure to properly salt/de-ice?

The issue is whether under the  circumstances their failure to salt or de-ice was reasonable or not. If the snow/sleet/etc. was still falling, for example, or had only just stopped falling, it wo

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 3 months ago

If a child pulled on my child's arm and dislocated his elbow, can we sue their parents?

IF the act was done intentionally to harm your child, or was unreasonably careless, then you most likely could sue--though bear in mind that, if there was no long-last damage or impairment (as we sinc

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 4 months ago


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