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What is a fair settlement if I was severely bitten in arm and back by something on a train while sitting on window side with my arm against the curtain?

Assuming you do not have significant permanent disfigurement or disability from this, a reasonable settlement would be your out-of-pocket medical costs plus another, like amount (i.e. basically double

SJZ, Member, New York Bar answered 2 months ago

What to do if your attorney will not commincate with you?

It would be advisable for your mom to contact the state bar regarding her attorney's failure to communicate. A call to this attorney from the state bar will most likely prompt the attorney to communi

S.L,. Member, California Bar answered 3 months ago

What can I do if I was arrested all charges were dropped against me, however there is a website which has published my arrest ?

I am afraid that any company may acquire publiuc records and repost the inforation. They do not have to remove that information.  Thwy will often accept a fee to delete your information , which,

Maury Beaulier answered 4 months ago

What can I do if mi was hit by a car and have $58,00 worth of medical bills, plus permanent impairment but the at-fault driver only had $30,000 in coverage?

Feel free to give me a call.  I can probably help with your case.   Robert Frey PARKER AND FREY, PLLC 910-892-9175

Jerry Parker answered 5 months ago

Is a notation on an injury settlement check binding?

No, it is not legally binding. One party may not unilaterally change the amount owed or terms of payment by doing this. There is a common myth that the memo line on a check has legal force - it doesn'

E.M., Member, California Bar answered 8 months ago


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