If I applied for 10 year green card, why a 2nd interview?

Question Details:My husband was an immigrant from India. We married, and he got his first green card.after an interview. We've been together 3 years and applied for the 10 year green card. We have lived legally and together, submitting all our papers showing our taxes, paystubs, comingled accts, letters from friends, etc. We've waited 6 months and now they want another interview. Why?

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MD, Member, California Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 2 years ago

Immigration laws have changed and the interviews have become more strict. This might be considered a Stokes Interview because now this is based on marriage, so the additionl level of insuring you are truly a married couple and still inhabiting the same property. Contact the immigration office to confirm your interview and ask casually why it insisted on a second interview. Give the timeline of your previous application and approval.

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