I have an issue with a DCS Case worker, what kind of lawyer would I need to file a formal complaint/suit against her?

Question Details:How do I press charges against a DCS case worker in Knoxville, TN? She discussed me in court and had an affidavit signed against me and my family without our knowledge and has yet to forward us the paperwork on it. I had no knowledge of the affidavit but she used it (or rather the violation of it) to lock my friend up for 3 months and then place him in foster care. As I said, I had no knowledge of this contract. She slandered my entire family, calling us white trash in a big house, among other things. I'm running out of room so I cant explain any more, but what kind of lawyer would I need to get justice?

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J.M.A., Member in Good Standing of the Connecticut Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 5 years ago

You need a lawyer that practices civil rights and general litigation.  The lawyer needs to know about filing claims against the state and state employees and when and how the state and/or the employees are exempt/immune from liability.  In some circumstances, the state and the employee cannot be sued.  In court, people can make statements as you describe here.  The lawyer also needs to know about the discovery process and obtain documents from th state.  I suggest that you look on line for a lawyer that practices in these areas.  You want the lawyer to determine whether there is a case and whether you want to spend the money to litigation as it could be expensive.

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