Is there a time limit for a judge to make a decision regarding a motion to reconsider a judgement?

Question Details:I just won a civil case against a small business that is incorporated. I represented myself and I just received a judgment in my favor. His lawyer filed a motion to reconsider stating the judge took too long to make a decision. Just shy of 2 years. Is there a time limit the judge has in making a judgment?

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E.M., Member, California Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 2 years ago

Ordinarily a judge is required per statute to make a decision within ninety (90) days after a matter is submitted is he or she wishes to continue receiving his pay check from the county where he or she sits. However with respect to a time period for a judge to make a decision on a matter, there really is no specific period of time to do so.

The point in your matter is that the decision to almost two years to make but the decision was in your favor.

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