I want to apply for pre-trial intervention, what do I do when I go to court?

Question Details:I was charged with Breach of Trust at my job, $1000 or less, my first offense in my life. I want to apply for Pre-Trial intervention, since I qualify for it. My problem is, if I get accepted into the program, will that have an impact on my court hearing? Of course I'm going to plead guilty because that's what I am in this case, but I don't really know what exactly I'm supposed to do if I get PTI. Do I need a criminal attorney?  I'm in Greenville County, SC.

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M.T.G., Member, New York Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 5 years ago

Yes, I would get a criminal attorney involved.  Reading what is on the Internet regarding the program it seems like a good idea if you are eligible.  But applying does not guarantee acceptance in to the program so you will have to worry about the charges if you are not accepted.  I think that you may have a better chance of the solicitor's accepting your case if an attorney appeals to him or her on your behalf.

It is my understanding that if you are accepted then you can avoid having a criminal history as well as a fine and/or incarceration.  Take one step at a time before you plead anything.  That is why you need someone on your side to help you each step of the way.  Good luck.

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