If my son's court date keeps getting postponed, what can he do?

Question Details:My son has a DUI arrest in another state. This occurred 9 months ago. His court date keeps getting postponed. He's lost his job and his license. How long can this go on; he needs to move on? He refused the breathalizer test; he received his first DUI 4 years ago.

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B.H.F., Member, Texas State Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 1 year ago

Depending on the caseload of the court where his case is pending, it can take anywhere from six months to two years for any given criminal case to reach final resolution.  Many states, however, do recognize the right to speedy trial.  If he wants to try to expedite his case, he should file a motion for speedy trial.  However, before invoking this right, he should make sure that he is ready for a trial.  Many defendants invoke this and then balk when they are actually set asking for more time to hire an attorney--- judges are less receptive to continuances after a motion for speedy trial. 

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