What can happen to someone that is being accused of touching a minor inappropriately?

Question Details:I have a friend who is being accused of trying to touch a minor inappropriately. He was drinking at the time and does not have any recollection of this event. The minor's parents called the police. He has a clean record. Can you tell me if he has anything to worry about and what could happen to him. Does he need to speak with a criminal defense attoreny? In Butler County, PA.

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SJZ, Member, New York Bar | FreeAdvice Contributing Attorney Answered 4 years ago

Yes, your friends should consult with a defence attorney IMMEDIATELY. Inappropriate touching of a minor can be a sexual assault or offense, with the severity depending on the exact circumstances (his age, her age, how touched, etc.). Being drunk is NO defense whatsoever to this, or indeed, any crime. Furthermore, in addition to the "normal" penalities that could come with any criminal conviction, being convicted of a sexual offense can result in being listed a sexual offender, which can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on employment and residence. Hopefully, if no harm was done, nothing will come of this; but it's better to consult with an attorney, get advice, and have a laywer ready to help.

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