Auto Accidents Attorneys

Martin Samuel Lascola

FREE Legal Advice Session!!! Call NOW - Take advantage of having a FORMER PROSECUTOR on YOUR SIDE!!  I WILL take cases to trial if ... more

Mark Thomas Schneid

I have seen the devastating effects of medical malpractice on someone in my own family.  I have also been in my own car crash ... more

Stephen Laurence Hoffman

I am an avid athlete, who, prior to many injuries, competed in running road races as well as cycling and biathlon/triathlon races.  For ... more

Ronald F. Wittmeyer Jr.

I recently volunteered as a scoring judge at the Northwest Suburban Bar Association Mock Trial High School competition held at the Third Municipal District Courthouse ... more

David Abels

David Abels is a partner at Abels & Annes, P.C. concentrating in personal injury, auto accident, work injury, premises liability& ... more

Bryan Joseph Waldman

Bryan is the President of the Sinas Dramis Law Firm. He teaches a course on Michigan's Auto No-Fault Law at Michigan State University College of ... more

George Gregory Leynaud

When you are seeking compensation for an injury, you must go up against insurance companies and other rich and powerful interests. When you have been ... more

Eric J. Parker

My goal as a lawyer is to provide the best possible representation to inviduals.  I do not employ any single approach to accomplish this.& ... more

Richard Charles Fiocchi

Village Attorney, Cherry, Illinois 1985 to Present State Bank of Cherry, Law Firm Attorney, 1985 to Present   Ladd C.C. Grade School Law Firm Attorney 1990 ... more