Auto Accidents Attorneys

Dean R. Rohde

“It’s our job to lend some clarity to a confusing and traumatic situation. We want clients to feel comfortable knowing that we ... more

Tracy Neil Tool

I believe that jury trials are the great equalizer between large organizations and individuals. As a personal injury attorney, it's my privilege to use legal ... more

Brian Francis Laule

I'm a personal injury attorney focused on civil litigation and dedicated to helping people who have been injured. I enjoy working with people on a ... more

Steven B. Goff

As a personal injury lawyer, I protect people's rights. In my practice, I stress the word "personal" the most. From the onset of a case, ... more

Charles M. Bye

For over 40 years, I've been an advocate for injured clients. Over that time, I've helped Bye, Goff & Rohde become one of the most trusted ... more

Robert Arthur Parsons

Robert’s practice is dedicated to representing the injured victims of automobile collisions, defective products, and poorly constructed or maintained premises. Robert takes great ... more

Jeffrey Allen Muszynski

I am a civil litigation attorney focused on helping people after they have been injured. I enjoy getting to know each client individually and working ... more