Bankruptcy Attorneys

Jason Louis Karavias

Jason Karavias, Esq. provides personalized legal representation and advice to his clients in the fields of bankruptcy, matrimonial and immigration ... more

Brian Christopher Thompson

  As the founder of the Pennsylvania law firm Thompson Law Group, P.C., Brian C. Thompson focuses his law practice in the areas of ... more

Donald R. Calaiaro

DONALD R. CALAIARO Donald R. Calaiaro has qualifications that are not equaled in Western Pennsylvania. He is a former Chapter 13 Trustee and a former Chapter 7 ... more

Sean Thomas Logue

I am a criminal defense lawyer from Pittsburgh whose practice has an emphasis on DUI. I am licensed to practice in PA and W.Va., ... more

Stephen McCoy Otto

As a solo practitioner with exclusive responsibility over hundreds of case files, each of which is of critical importance to each respective client and their ... more

Susan Joyce Pearlstein

For the past 30 years my practice has been geared toward family and consumer law. I represent men and women from all walks of life who ... more

Marvin Leibowitz

I became an attorney in order to assist clients with their legal problems. I have always been very concerned about the due process rights of ... more

Jeffrey T. Morris

I have 40 years of high level and diverse legal experience across a broad range of practice areas with a focus on business, financial and commercial ... more