Bankruptcy Attorneys

Robert Chamless Lane

The Lane Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients throughout Texas in three primary areas: Those with mortgage issues and/or those who are facing ... more

Peter Walter Weston

I have been practice law for over 35 years.  For 30 of those years I have been practicing exclusively Bankruptcy Law.  I am Board Certified ... more

Shawn Michael Grady

I am one of three lawyers in Texas who are board certified in Collections and Creditor's Rights Law.  I have specialized in collection work ... more

Everett R. Buck

He is married to Barbara Coffman, daughter of Lt. (USN) & Mrs. Henry B. and Dado Coffman of Houston, Texas, resides in Houston, and is ... more

Tom Max Thomas II

Tom is a graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Business and the Baylor University School of Law, having graduated from law school in ... more

Nicholas Robin Westbrook

The Westbrook Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to helping good people in bad situations.  We help our clients reduce and eliminate debts through consumer ... more

Michael Wayne Weston

I have helped thousands of clients with debt related issues.  Please let me know how I can assist ... more

William David Weber

Board Certified Bankruptcy Advice at a Reasonable ... more

Robert S. Sobel

Established in 1983, the Law Offices of Robert S. Sobel has handled over 2000 court cases. In addition, we’ve handled many hundreds of matters for ... more