Bankruptcy Attorneys

Adam Lloyd Nicolet

Adam has deep roots in the Eau Claire community; he was born in Eau Claire, and after becoming an attorney he moved back to the ... more

Mark P. Maciolek

At Murphy Desmond S.C., I focus my practice on the aggressive and compassionate defense of individuals accused of crimes in federal and state courts. ... more

Russell Nicolet

  Russell Nicolet is a hard-working, problem-solving bankruptcy and personal injury attorney who understands the pressures of today's state and national economic climate, and their ... more

Zeshan Usman

Zeshan Usman, the founder of Usman Law Firm, LLC, has helped thousands of people fight back against auto insurance companies, the IRS, and abusive debt ... more

Wade M. Pittman

A truly family run legal firm that deeply cares for our communities and the people that live in ... more

Maxwell Charles Livingston

Through my experiences, education and natural disposition, I am qualified and excited to help my many employment and business clients. I have immense respect for ... more

Todd C. Esser

Too many people are losing their family homes, cars and investments because they didn't realize the options that were available to ... more

Benjamin J. Nicolet

Benjamin Nicolet practices bankruptcy and personal injury law. He graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School in May 2017. While ... more

Jerome Robert Kerkman

At Kerkman & Dunn, our team of attorneys offers a depth of experience you would only otherwise find at a large firm. As a small ... more