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Alex McClure

Former creditors attorney now representing consumers in creditor debtor legal issues, wage and bank garnishment defense, bankruptcy, debt collection and judgment defense and consumer protection ... more

Michael Fuller

I’m a partner at Olsen Daines and a consumer law professor at Lewis & Clark Law School. In 2017, I was ranked among the ... more

Brandon R Ceglian

When not enjoying my family and the mountains, love to follow the Broncos and ... more

Christie Dee Arkovich

We can help 9 out of 10 student loan clients who see us. There are solutions! Results range from settlements of 20-50%, dismissals, full or partial discharge ... more

Stuart M Nachbar

  For over 20 years, Stuart  has worked with numerous indivduals assisting them with Bankruptcy matters, personal injury accidents, represented people before numerous Municipal ... more

Wayne A. Sinnett

At Sinnett Law we specialize in consumer rights litigation and represent consumers like you who have been harmed by unfair business practices. We take on ... more

Michael Wayne Weston

I have helped thousands of clients with debt related issues.  Please let me know how I can assist ... more

Taras S. Rudnitsky

Taras Rudnitsky has dedicated his entire legal career to representing consumers seeking justice under the law. His background as a consumer protection attorney, automotive engineer, ... more

Simon Goldenberg

The Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC is a consumer law firm dedicated to consumer protection and vigorously defending the rights of our clients. We ... more