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Michael Ernest Doukas

THE LAW OFFICE OF MICHAEL DOUKAS focuses on consumer financial law, offering problem solving, litigation, and helping some do-it-yourselfer's sued in debt collection lawsuits as ... more

Joel Gary Selik

I have two sons, and four grandchildren of which I am very proud. I am a volunteer Judge for the Courts, I am a speaker ... more

Aaron Michael Lloyd

At Lloyd Legal, APC, our experienced, local bankruptcy attorney will help you ELIMINATE credit card debt, payday loans, medical bills, personal loans, auto deficiencies, and ... more

Asil A. Mashiri

Mr. Mashiri is a consumer advocate and his mission is to provide his clients with professional and cost efficient legal services.  He is dedicated ... more

Wayne A. Sinnett

At Sinnett Law we specialize in consumer rights litigation and represent consumers like you who have been harmed by unfair business practices. We ... more

Albert R. Limberg

Albert Limberg is a consumer advocate with experience in FDCPA, Rosenthal Act, TCPA, FCRA, California Penal Code Section 632 (call recording), employment, products liability, class actions, ... more

Tammy Lee Gruder Hussin

Tammy has dedicated her legal career to protecting consumers, and helps clients throughout the state of California. Tammy goes after overly aggressive debt collectors, creditors, ... more

Octavio Cardona

Mr. Cardona-Loya has been at the forefront of litigation against mortgage servicers since the economic collapse in 2008.  He primarily focuses on representing consumers in ... more

Sara Fatehmeh Khosroabadi

Thank you for visiting Sara's Avvo page. Sara Khosroabadi was born and raised in Los Angeles California. Sara earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology ... more