Business Attorneys

Anthony J. Menting

The practice of family law has been the perfect opportunity to use the skills I have nurtured throughout my life. Divorce cases are complex. The ... more

Maxwell Charles Livingston

Through my experiences, education and natural disposition, I am qualified and excited to help my many employment and business clients. I have immense respect for ... more

James A. Hiller

I have lived with my wife and 7 children in the Sherman Park neighborhood of Milwaukee since 1984.  Mylaw practice consists mainly of satisfied repeat clients ... more

Jason Jeffrey Heinen

My grandfather’s great grandfather came to Milwaukee in 1867, the same year Jacob Leinenkugel and John Miller started a brewery in Chippewa Falls.  ... more

Thomas J. McClure

Attorney McClure has a general practice serving individuals, families, and small businesses. Early in his career Attorney McClure gained valuable experience at the Milwaukee City ... more

Brian Patrick Thill

Brian Thill serves as counsel for both creditors and debtors in civil matters, and has extensive experience representing parties in all aspects of bankruptcy proceedings.& ... more

Sarah A. Ponath

Prior to Marquette Law School, I had an extensive career in credit & collections in various business settings:  Banking, Office Products Supplier, Insurance In ... more

Theodore Perlick Molinari

I am part of the management training program at the Perlick Corporation and assist the company in all legal ... more

Lynn R. Laufenberg

I have concentrated my law practice on helping individuals and families who have suffered injuries, death and other losses because of the carelessness of others.& ... more

Howard B. Schoenfeld

I enjoy Bass fishing, competitive tournament tennis, and spending time with my beloved dog, Primo. & ... more