Criminal Defense Attorneys

Jo-Anna Marie Nieves

Jo-Anna Nieves is a confident and assertive attorney who represents her clients with diligence and excellence.  Ms. Nieves is a 2016 Super Lawyer Rising Star ... more

Asit S Panwala

I am a former prosecutor with fourteen years of experience who will fight on your behalf.  As a former prosecutor in San Francisco, I ... more

Nors Elwood Davidson

Nors Davidson is the HIGHEST RATED DUI ATTORNEY in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Mr. Davidson is a DUI LAWYER and does NOT handle ... more

Harris Bruce Taback

I have been defending clients in criminal cases for 32 years and have battled the government every step of the way to fight for my clients ... more

Rabin Nabizadeh

I am a true believer and knew since I was fourteen years old that I wanted to be a criminal defense attorney.  I believe ... more

Randy Sue Pollock

I represent clients in both federal and state courts throughout the state and the nation who are charged with crimes ranging from RICO conspiracies, espionage, ... more

Elliot Silver

After graduating from the University of Miami School of Law in 1994, I began my legal career as an Assistant Public Defender for Miami-Dade county where ... more

James Thomas Reilly

About the firm: We are dedicated to preserving our client's rights and keeping their records clean. Our goal is always dismissal of all charges. We ... more

Givelle Jensen Lamano

GIVELLE LAMANO is an Oakland DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney who truly cares about her clients. She has represented people from all walks of ... more

E Michael Linscheid

The Law Office of E. Michael Linscheid provides aggressive and effective representation to the accused. Michael Linscheid has more than fifteen years experience defending the ... more