Criminal Defense Attorneys

Justin Wage Esworthy

Justin W. Esworthy is a founding Member of TBH&E with extensive litigation experience, having tried hundreds of cases throughout the State of Maryland, ... more

Joseph Jerrytone

  In my areas of practice there is a need for a compassionate and aggressive advocate. I believe everyone is entitled to quality legal representation ... more

Stephanie Lynn Cesare

Stephanie L. Cesare is an associate attorney with Abom & Kutulakis, L.L.P. focusing primarily on State and Federal criminal law. Prior to joining ... more

John M. Ogden

  John M. Ogden has over 25 years of courtroom experience in trying and winning cases, including DUI, Criminal Defense, Real Estate cases as ... more

Robert John Schefter Jr.

I pride myself on delivering the highest level of client service possible.  All clients have my cell phone number and can call, text or ... more

Herbert Corky Goldstein

I have been in the practice of Law for 46 years.  I would ask you to go to my website which is: ... more

John Albert Abom

I have spent over 20 years practicing state and federal criminal law and family law in courts throughout Central Pennsylvania.  I am ... more

Thomas Lincoln Kearney IV

When the Commonwealth accuses someone of a crime this is a very serious allegation.  The Commonwealth is putting this persons rights, reputation, and freedom ... more

Brian Paul Platt

Criminal Defense / DUI / Traffic Law Attorney handling all matters in Dauphin County, Cumberland County, York County, Franklin County, Adams County,  ... more

Edward Andrew Paskey

I often say to my wife and sons that I've been blessed with my legal career.   I've been involved in more high profile, complex ... more