Criminal Defense Attorneys

William Jesse Forbes

W. Jesse Forbes is a respected litigation attorney focusing his efforts on civil and criminal representation with an outstanding reputation as an advocate for his ... more

Joseph H. Spano Jr.

Joey Spano is also a founding memeber of Pritt and Spano Law. Joey grew up in Charleston and has been an active member of ... more

Matthew W. Stonestreet

Matthew Stonestreet loves the pratice of law.  Because of his enthusiasm, he represents clients with an energy that inspires confidence and generates postive client ... more

J. Timothy Dipiero

J. Timothy DiPierio is a member of the firm DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC. Prior to joining the firm, he previously served as ... more

Mark Andrew Barney

·       Barney Law PLLC provides aggressive representation for clients in the areas of wrongful death, serious personal injury, criminal ... more