DUI / DWI Traffic Attorneys

Justin Wage Esworthy

Justin W. Esworthy is a founding Member of TBH&E with extensive litigation experience, having tried hundreds of cases throughout the State of Maryland, ... more

John M. Ogden

  John M. Ogden has over 25 years of courtroom experience in trying and winning cases, including DUI, Criminal Defense, Real Estate cases as ... more

Robert John Schefter Jr.

I pride myself on delivering the highest level of client service possible.  All clients have my cell phone number and can call, text or ... more

Thomas Lincoln Kearney IV

When the Commonwealth accuses someone of a crime this is a very serious allegation.  The Commonwealth is putting this persons rights, reputation, and freedom ... more

Joseph N. Gothie

I have practiced in York County since 1999.  I clerked with Judge John S. Kennedy who was assigned a criminal court caseload and civil motions ... more

Michele Lee Kluk

  Prior to entering private practice, I worked at the Northampton County District Attorney’s Office as a Chief Prosecutor of the Drug ... more

David E. Hershey

“I help my clients avoid license suspensions so they can maintain their livelihoods. Anyone with a serious traffic violation should be zealously represented. I ... more

Heather Angela Reiner

There are many lawyers that are available to serve your needs. I have found that my success is based on my availability to my clients. ... more

John G. Bergdoll

Attorney J. G. Bergdoll is an experienced trial attorney in the areas of criminal law, DUI, family law, custody, civil rights, civil claims, property disputes ... more