Employment and Labor Attorneys

Shereef H. Akeel

Shereef is the founding partner of Akeel & Valentine, PLC - www.akeelvalentine.com Akeel was selected by as a Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the ... more

Cristine M. Wasserman

Aside from loving the work that I do and the help that I am able to offer my clients, my family, especially my children are ... more

James R. Acho

James Acho Wikipedia bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Acho& ... more

David M. Blanchard

David Blanchard focuses on helping people get back to work, stay at work, fighting wage theft, and preventing retaliation and wrongful termination. He regularly ... more

David H. Fink

David Fink is an experienced civil litigator, whose practice has focused on commercial litigation. He handles both individual and class actions and currently serves as ... more

Bradley K. Glazier

A practicing lawyer for more than 30 years, Bradley Glazier has presented dozens of cases to judges, juries and arbitrators.  He is a frequent speaker ... more

Todd R. Knecht

Over 35 years of experience in the field of complex labor and employment related disputes and litigation in the state and federal courts of ... more