Employment and Labor Attorneys

Kirk J. Angel

I have handled employment law matters since 1997 including 3 years as an EEOC Trial Attorney.  I represent employees in North Carolina and Tennessee in all ... more

Daniel Christopher Lyon

Daniel is a senior associate attorney at Elliot Morgan Parsonage, PLLC in the firm's Charlotte office located in the historic Dilworth neighborhood just outside of ... more

Roberta King Latham

I am a graduate of Wake Forest Univeristy School of Law and have practiced in North Carolina for over 15 years.  I have ... more

M. Travis Payne

    Travis Payne graduated with honors from the University of Michigan Law School in 1978, and came to North Carolina that year to, along ... more

Mathew E. Flatow

SeiferFlatow, PLLC is often intereviewed by local news for our take on important issues facing Charlotte. Please take a moment and view some of our ... more

Anthony James Cuticchia Jr.

Since 1984 I have been a biomedical researcher.  I was drawn to a new field "Bioinformatics" - which uses computers to answer biological questions.   ... more

Jason A. McGrath

Greetings! I've been practicing law since 1996, and always do my utmost to provide my clients with the highest quality legal advice and services. There are 5 ... more

Laura L. Noble

With over 20 years of diverse legal experience including civil litigation, negotiation, counseling and consulting, Laura’s passion is to offer clients personal and ... more

Valerie A. Johnson

Valerie Johnson represents North Carolina workers, teaches North Carolina law students, and works for the rights of injured workers.  Valerie’s book,  ... more

Margaret F. Rowlett

My favorite part of practicing law is the opportunity to work directly with my clients. My goal is to offer the personal attention they need ... more