Employment and Labor Attorneys

Jairo Nikov Castellanos

Jairo Castellanos graduated from the Univeristy of Texas School of Law. Mr. Castellanos has practiced employment law his entire career. In 2016, Mr. Castellanos obtained a ... more

Jeffrey Alan Goldberg

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg, we focus exclusively on employment related issues. We understand employment issues like losing your job, discrimination, ... more

John Foster Melton

John F. Melton is an experienced Austin-based lawyer who has helped hundreds of Texas workers fight for their legal rights. Since 2008, he has been Board ... more

Daniel B. Ross

I see the law as a way to try to create fairness.  That’s what drives me in the often hostile environment of ... more

Devin Bradley Black

Black Law Firm PLLC always strives for Outstanding Advocacy, Utmost Integrity. That is the mantra that I, Devin Black, live by and the principals on ... more

Nicole Michelle Conger

Nicole M. Conger is an Employee Rights Attorney who represents clients across Texas who are subjected to illegal treatment with their current or former employers. ... more

Colin William Walsh

Colin Walsh graduated from the Univeristy of Texas School of Law with Honors.  Mr. Walsh has practiced employment law his entire career.  He ... more

Mark S. La Spina

Mark La Spina is the lawyer for the firm and practices in a wide variety of general areas of civil litigation, including personal injury, work-related ... more

Shiloh A. Coleman

Every Business Owner Needs an Advocate.  We are trusted advocates for our clients. An advocate is a champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, ... more

William Jason Sutton

Will Sutton is the principal of The Sutton Law Firm. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Sutton worked for several other law firms, small and ... more