Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Michelle MacLeod

Michelle MacLeod worked for top Dallas law firms for several years after graduating from Georgetown University Law Center, where she was a law review editor ... more

Robert G. Lee

Before going to law school I worked in construction, and thereafter in the oil and gas industry.  As a result, I experienced& ... more

Carla S. Hatcher

For over thirty years, I have represented only employees in disputes with their current or former employers.   I do not and will not ... more

Ashley Elizabeth Tremain

Ms. Tremain represents employees who have been unlawfully terminated, harassed, or retaliated against.   She gives sound, honest, and straighforward advice to ... more

Michelle Simpson Tuegel

Michelle Simpson Tuegel started her legal career in Central Texas, practicing primarily in the area of criminal defense. During her years in criminal practice, Michelle ... more

Stacy Lyn Cole

Mr. Cole represents employees, employers, and small businesses.  Specifically, his practice focuses on employment and business law matters.   Mr. Cole's employment law practice ... more

Matt Scott

I spent the first 17 years of my practice representing employers. I got tired of representing companies, so in 2012 I changed sides and started representing people ( ... more

Joel Efrem Cohen

Joel E. Cohen is a licensed Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, S. Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas attorney and mediator who ... more

Michael O. Melder

Michael Melder is not much different from a small or mid-sized business owner. Like you, he wants to provide excellent service at an affordable price. & ... more