Estate Planning Attorneys

Bennett A. Myers

Bennett focuses on providing strong, smart representation for individuals facing divorce and other family law matters.  He understands that when the pressure is ... more

Sarah E. Fortune

My job is to provide creative solutions to your legal problems.  I love helping people to turn good ideas into good business, and helping ... more

Heidi Marie Eglash

"Connecting the legal needs of you and your loved ones to the resources of the nation's leading estate, elder care and special needs planning resources." & ... more

Michael C. Ablan

My wife Jeneen and I have four very happy children they live in different locations around the United States. We live in LaCrescent Minnesota and ... more

Nick Passe

As a La Crosse native who is very active in the community, I am happy to be able to work with individuals and organizations to ... more

Candice C.M. Tlustosch

After working in a firm for the first four years out of law school, Candice opened her own law practice in Sparta, Wisconsin.  While ... more

Gifford Mark Collins

Our loved ones are often the reason we work so hard.  My job is to help you make sure your loved ones are properly ... more