Elder Law Attorneys

Bruce Alan Brightwell

I am licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana and actively practice in both states. Prior to focusing on estate planning and elder law, I had ... more

Ben Tanner Lowry

I practice estate planning, probate, and elder law with my father, Ed Lowry, in both Kentucky and ... more

Emily Korfhage Monarch

Aging, dementia, disability and chronic illness present tough questions for families.  At Elder Law Solutions, we help answer these questions and provide elders and ... more

John Dotson

John Dotson assists older clients, their children and other family members with Nursing Home admittance and stays, Medicaid planning and submission, asset preservation, asset distribution, ... more

Kenneth P O'Brien

I help individuals and families plan for the future. I help provide the peace of mind that can come from having a durable power of ... more