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Adam Gates Kerr

KERR LAW was founded with a single goal in mind; to provide client-centered, quality legal services.  It is my  ... more

Cheryl K. David

Free Video Consultation - Hello, my name is Cheryl David. I'm an  estate planning and elder  law attorney ... more

Scott K. Tippett

My practice focuses on wealth law, which is an integrated approach to estate and asset protection planning, business formation and operation, and tax planning. Having ... more

Blaire McClanahan

Blaire McClanahan is an attorney at the Law Offices of Cheryl David in Greensboro, NC where she focuses on Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, Asset Preservation, ... more

Dennis J. Toman

The Elderlaw Firm provides elder law estate planning in and around Greensboro, North Carolina for boomers and seniors. In addition to providing wills and living ... more

Richard W. Gabriel

Growing up working in his family's curb market, Richard Gabriel understands the pressures of owning and operating a small business and the value of a ... more

Robert J. Lingle

NC Resident /  Member: Oak Ridge United Methodist Church /  President, Board Member: Oak Ridge, Colfax, Greensboro Home/Real Property Owners ... more