Wills, Trusts, Probate Attorneys

Andrew Lincoln Kraushaar

I became a lawyer to fight for people who need help.  Whether its navigating the harsh realities of our criminal justice system or battling ... more

Patrick M Crawley

Born and raised in Lane County, I grew up appreciating the abundance of nature and our tight-knit community. Eugene and the surrouding area has always ... more

Kirk H. Strohman

I am a planner and a problem solver. I feel very strongly that an attorney should be a trusted adviser along with providing quality legal ... more

Emilia J Gardner

Emilia grew up in Springfield, Oregon. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Oregon State University, where she was varsity coxswain on the men’s ... more

Stacey Diana Smith

I have practiced Domestic Relations (Family) Law in Oregon since 1998. My area of specialty is (Qualified) Domestic Relations Orders, and related matters concerning division of ... more