Divorce, Marriage, Alimony Attorneys

Joseph Jerrytone

  In my areas of practice there is a need for a compassionate and aggressive advocate. I believe everyone is entitled to quality legal representation ... more

Brian John Cali

For thirty-six years I have dedicated my Practice to defend and protect the rights of my clients.  I am extremely diligent in making sure ... more

Lori A. Bowen

I have been practicing family law almost exclusively for nearly 30 years.  I have practiced at all levels including appeals before the Pennsylvania Superior Court ... more

Michelle F. Farley

Licensed Attorney since 1991 focused on divorce and family law as well as civil litigation. Family law mediation. Former College and US Rowing Team Member, Bird-Dog ... more

Ernest D. Preate Jr.

Ernest D. Preate, Jr. (born November 22, 1940)[3] is a former Republican[4] Pennsylvania Attorney General. As Attorney General, he argued before the United States Supreme Court in ... more