Child Custody, Support, Adoption Attorneys

Shawn Nathan Menashe

For Shawn, the choice to become a family law attorney was a matter of “keeping it in the family.” While other offers loomed, ... more

Sarah H Bond

  Sarah Bond was born outside of Chicago in Elgin, Illinois and grew up in Bellingham, Washington.  She attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, ... more

Ryan Hamilton

About Sherwood Family Law: When it comes to divorce and custody, most people are overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. They feel that one ... more

Zachary Fruchtengarten

Numbers are a big part of any divorce, whether regarding property divisions, custody or support. During his work with one of the country’s ... more

Kathryn Smith Root

Kathy is a leading authority on interstate and international custody disputes and provides legal advice and representation in cases involving international family law issues. A ... more

Jonathan M Corey

              Jonathan has practiced law in Oregon since 2004. In that time, he has been ... more

Saville W Easley

Perspective can be difficult to maintain during a divorce. Matters involving divorce, custody, visitation and property division can involve strong emotions. At this highly emotional ... more

Elizabeth Elaine Christy

I am a divorce and family law attorney practicing in Oregon and Washington. My specific areas of practice encompass all areas of family ... more

Myah Osher

I really fell in love with Oregon, and especially Portland, as soon as I came to visit for the first time. People are friendly, warm, ... more

Jennifer Eadie

Jenny brings to the practice of family law diverse experience from the Sexual Assault Resource Center, National Crime Victim Law Institute and Oregon Department of ... more