General Practice Attorneys

Jason David Roth

I have been representing people in divorce and family matters for more than 20 years, and became a partner at Murano & Roth, ... more

Debra E Guston

A native New Jerseyian, I have spent my professional career building a general practice to meet the needs of all of New Jersey's families.  ... more

Darius A. Marzec

I am a civil litigation and matrimonial attorney with the distinction of being licensed to practice law in 10 states. I handle all sorts of disputes ... more

John M Mavroudis

John M. Mavroudis is Senior Parter of the firm and maintains a corporate, litigation hand real estate practice.  With over forty years of experience ... more

Susan S Long

  I have devoted my private practice to bankruptcy law.  For many, bankruptcy is a traumatic experience.  However, it is much more common ... more

Matthew Michael Fredericks

Matthew M. Fredericks, Esq., LLC is a full service law firm providing a broad range of legal services to our clients. Our primary goal in ... more

Angus U. Ejiofor

If you want a law firm that is passionate and compassionate, focused and dedicated, then we are the law firm for you. Our lawyers are ... more

Timothy J Broking

I am a litigation attorney with offices throughout North and Central New Jersey>   I received my Juris Doctorate from Touro Law School ... more

F Thomas Sidoti

Tom Sidoti is a tenacious advocate and an expert counselor.  Widely considered one of New Jersey’s rising star litigators, Tom is ... more