Immigration / Naturalization Attorneys

Michael L Detzky

Michael L. Detzky has been representing individuals and business in bankruptcy for nearly 40 years. He served as a member of the private panel of Chapter 7 ... more

Paris Bolem Lee

Managing Partner of Lee and Garasia, LLC, a law firm in Edison devoted exclusively to immigration law. Former Chair of the New Jersey State Bar ... more

H. Scott Aalsberg

Get The Best Defense and Win.  Attorney Aalsberg has been recognized for his success by over 5 Top Legal Organtizations.  Disclaimer: No ... more

Charles Dawkins Jr.

The Attorney Charles Dawkins Jr. is admitted to practice law in New Jersey State. He has extensive experience practicing Federal and State Criminal Law; Immigration ... more

Edwin R Rubin

For 40 years, Edwin R. Rubin, Attorney at Law, has served corporate, individual and family immigration law needs by providing his internationally recognized expertise in a ... more

Susan W Scheer

Susan W. Scheer possesses over 30 years of expertise, specializing in U.S. Immigration Law. Having graduated from Georgetown University Law School, she is admitted ... more

Omar Kareem Qadeer

Within his first year working with a busy New Jersey firm, Mr. Qadeer had made approximately 200 court appearances in his areas of practice.  While ... more

Leonard Roy Boyer

For almost 35 years, since I have been admitted to practice law, I have aggressively and effectiviely represented a diverse group of clients. I obtain the ... more

Anita Gurnani

Anita Gurnani is a partner of the firm with 25 years of experience. Prior to establishing the firm in 1991, she was associated with other law firms ... more