Copyright, Trademark, IP Attorneys

Vlad Tinovsky

Vlad Tinovsky, Esq. primarily represents closely-held and emerging-growth companies and entrepreneurs in a variety of domestic and international business transactions and litigation matters.  Vlad& ... more

Marc Jacob Weinstein

Marc J. Weinstein began his career at the Office of the State Attorney in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where he served as an Assistant State Attorney ... more

Michael J. Brooks

      Successful business ventures require perspective, from all vantage points.  We offer you a clear view of  the surrounding ... more

Catherine Anne Cavella

Equipped with over 20 years of experience practicing intellectual property law, Catherine A. Cavella, Esq. is the owner and founder of IP Works. IP Works is ... more

Cathy A. Kodroff

Cathy A. Kodroff became a member of Howson and Howson in 1996, having been begun her tenure with the firm in 1990. Since her entry into intellectual ... more

Glenn M. Massina

Intellectual property attorney with over 20 years experience counseling clients in all aspects of intellectual property law. I work with each client to develop a customized ... more