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International / Foreign Trade Attorneys

Jim Chester

I am a business & innovation lawyer, and I help people and solve problems for a living. My law firm provides core legal representation to ... more

Ryan Noory

15+ Years of Experience Consulting at Goldman Sachs, TD Bank, Edward Jones, etc. Harvard Law Cert. Mediator & Dispute Resolution Professional. 10/10 Rated Internationally Recognized Award Winning ... more

Robert George Schrader

As an entrepreneur, owner or founder you need a legal advisor that prevents and solves problems quickly! You want a responsive proactive lawyer with broad ... more

Joseph F Jacob

In an ever changing business and legal landscape, Joseph F. Jacob’s law practice provides clients with a broad range of legal services with ... more

Dean Richard Hedeker

Dean R. Hedeker is a leading Chicago-area authority on estate and tax planning, business law, and investments. Dean has more than 30 years' experience helping business ... more

Joseph Avi Yolofsky

My passion is helping people build successful businesses and then working with those people to protect their hard earned wealth. Through sound business and estate ... more

Seyed Kaveh Naser Miremadi

Kaveh has spent years developing his practice in economic sanctions administered by OFAC, export controls, and white collar criminal defense.  His practice areas have ... more

David Lorenzo Fleck

I represent victims of business, real estate and investment fraud in lawsuits to recover their money, property and dignity. I prosecuted felonies and complex financial ... more

David T. Lopez

Consultation and any subsequent representation require a fee agreement which is fully explained before the initial meeting by the office manager. Generally, I am retained ... more

Daniel N. Arshack

    Whether you have come under investigation or actually been charged with a crime, you need to act rapidly to protect yourself, your family, ... more