International / Foreign Trade Attorneys

Kathryn Smith Root

Kathy is a leading authority on interstate and international custody disputes and provides legal advice and representation in cases involving international family law issues. A ... more

Shauna M Curphey

I have more than a decade of experience litigating, researching and analyzing human rights and civil rights in the context of corporate accountability, police reform, ... more

Andrew N Harris

I help clients form companies, raise money, protect valuable trademarks and copyrights, and make the right contract decisions on a day-to-day basis. I primarily work ... more

Jessica A Flint

Jessica brings compassionate and practical advocacy to help resolve her clients' complicated legal problems. She enjoys assisting them through each step of the process. Working ... more

Kimball H Ferris

Kimball has practiced in the Portland, Oregon, area since 1978, emphasizing domestic and international business, finance, and real estate issues. He works closely with senior business ... more

Bradley C Lechman-Su

For over 25 years, Attorney Bradley C. Lechman-Su has practiced in the areas of juvenile and international family law. His cases include dissolution of marriage and ... more

Carol A Emory

Member & Co-Founder:  Legal Counsel International - a network of independent ico-counsel in strategic commercial centers. www.lcilaw. ... more