International / Foreign Trade Attorneys

Richard S Sternberg

The Law Offices of Richard S. Sternberg is dedicated to the principle that bigger is not always better. Instead, it rests on a tradition that ... more

Marshall Emery Yaap

Marshall Yaap is a private practice family lawyer based in Bethesda, Maryland. His practice primarily focuses on helping clients throughout Maryland and the District of ... more

Jason I. Poblete

Jason I. Poblete represents individuals and corporations in both domestic and international matters. Poblete helps clients navigate the complex legal and, at times, political, federal ... more

J. Michael "Mike" King

J. Michael "Mike" King is a licensed attorney (DC and Colorado) with over ten years of experience in the private, public, and non-governmental sectors. With ... more

Thomas Fortune Fay

Attorney Thomas “Tom” Fortune Fay is the founding partner at Fay Law Group. He has practiced law for more than four decades and ... more

Andrea M Ewart

I provide custom-tailored legal and business-oriented solutions to the legal challenges that companies face when doing business internationally. Providing services since April, 2003, I bring precision, ... more

Mohammad A Syed

Mr. Syed graduated cum laude from the University of Rochester (1997) and obtained his law degree from the George Washington University Law School (2000).  In 2007 he ... more

Dennis Edward Boyle

Dennis is an accomplished white collar criminal defense attorney who practices throughout the United States and internationally. He has been the recipient of many awards, ... more