Litigation and Appeals Attorneys

Rajeh A Saadeh

Go to to learn more about Rajeh A. ... more

Joshua H. Reinitz

DWI and Criminal Defense Trial Attorney who provides a compassionate and vigorous defense to achieve the desired results for his client. Josh was part of ... more

Joseph Michael Cerra

An appellate specialist, Joseph Cerra is a skilled brief writer with numerous reported decisions to his credit. Mr. Cerra is frequently retained by others attorneys ... more

Ruth Kim

A great attorney can approach a case with equal parts legal smarts, level-headedness and compassion. As Nelson Mandela aptly stated, "A Good Head and A ... more

Edward David Smith

E.  David Smith, Esq., is principal of Smith & Associates, and serves as outside general counsel for US and foreign companies, family enterprises ... more

F Thomas Sidoti

Tom Sidoti is a tenacious advocate and an expert counselor.  Widely considered one of New Jersey’s rising star litigators, Tom is ... more

Robert W Ratish

I am a former jounalist and law clerk at New Jersey's appellate court with experience handling commercial litigation, appeals, business law and criminal defense. I ... more

Mark Peter McAuliffe

Mark P. McAuliffe has been Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney.  He is also admitted to the ... more