Litigation and Appeals Attorneys

Hershel Robert Chapin

I am a Texas state and federal lawyer who cares deeply about my clients and the strength and integrity of the legal system.   My ... more

Jason Brent Freeman

 Mr. Freeman, a dual-credentialed attorney-CPA, author, law professor, and trial attorney, is the founding and managing member of Freeman Law, PLLC.  He represents ... more

Kristin R. Brown

I became an attorney as a "second career," though it was always a first love and a goal for me.  I practice strictly criminal ... more

Jack George Breffney Ternan

Jack Ternan is the managing attorney and founding member of the Ternan Law Firm. In addition to overseeing the operations of the firm, Mr. Ternan ... more

Christopher Coats

My name is Christopher Lawrence Coats, and I am an SSDI attorney practicing in the North Texas region. I also practice SSDI appeals in federal ... more

Michelle May O'Neil

Michelle May O'Neil has 24 years’ experience representing small business owners, professionals, and individuals in litigation related to family law matters such as divorce, child ... more

Julia Fields Pendery

My favorite type of appeal is what most would call a trainwreck. If you've watched Pulp Fiction, you may remember Winston Wolf, Harvey Keitel's character. ... more

Sarah Kerr Fox

I began my legal career at the DA's Office and ventured into private practice after spending almost 5 years as a prosecutor.  I have tried ... more