Litigation and Appeals Attorneys

Gregory A. Petit

I take great pride in making sure I place my client's interest before my own. This philosophy includes keeping a low profile. If I am ... more

Curtis A. Borsheim

I have been practicing law since 1979.  My experience includes criminal defense, trials and appeals, criminal prosecution, and civil litigation, personal injury and business, in ... more

Britteny M. LaFond

A Fox Valley, and now Northeastern Wisconsin, law firm, PETIT & DOMMERSHAUSEN, SC (920) 739-9900, has the experience and knowledge to address all of your ... more

Brittany Rose Running

GREAT OUTCOMES DON'T JUST HAPPEN!  I am committed to providing my clients with personal and effective representation.  Our firm understands that positive results ... more

Aaron W. Schenk

The ⚖ Schenk Law Firm is Licensed to Practice in Various Areas of Law in the State of Wisconsin & Michigan. Lead Attorney Aaron ... more

Jessica R. Petras

Any criminal charge, even a misdemeanor, can result in a serious deprivation of your liberty. If you've been charged with a crime and are seeking ... more