Personal Injury Attorneys

Tara Kaylene Millan

Tara has been in practice for over 15 years. Receiving her bachelor's degree, with honors, in American Intellectual History from the University of Colorado at Boulder, ... more

Donald L Scales

I have nearly 20 years of trial experience in Oregon.  In that time I have defended at least 6500 criminal cases, many of those ... more

Frederick H Lundblade III

Every client I have the privilege of representing has a unique case with a specific set of circumstances. I approach our work together by taking ... more

David A Devilleneuve

Injuries can change your life permanently or temporarily.   When people drive drunk, or are careless and they injure another person, something should be done. & ... more

Damian M Idiart

Damian is a personal injury lawyer in Oregon and California. Damian handles all types of personal injury cases from car accidents to dog bites and ... more

Andrew Wilson

My primary areas of practice include personal injury and employment law, however my practice extends to all forms of litigation.  I am a dedicated ... more