Landlord / Tenant Attorneys

Shawn H. Head

Shawn is the owner of The Head Law Firm, PLC. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan, and the U.S. ... more

Gary E. Tibble

Gary E. Tibble is an experienced attorney dedicated to serving clients throughout Southwest Michigan, including Kalamazoo, Portage, and Paw Paw. Mr. Tibble is a member ... more

Joseph A. Doerr

Mr. Doerr founded Doerr Law Firm after spending the first 12 years of his career at Dykema, a national law firm, where Mr. Doerr advanced to ... more

David J. Hutchinson

I am a long time Ann Arbor lawyer. My wife and I raised two wonderful daughters here. I have been a litigator in a firm ... more

Gabriel S Sanchez

I offer individualized representation plans that will meet your needs. Whether you are facing a lawsuit from a debt collector or defending against an unfair ... more

Ian Sean Bolton

After graduating from Wayne State Law School, I spent over a year as a bankruptcy law clerk in Detroit, one of the most utilized ... more

Gary E. Gardner

For over 37 years I have been an active litigation attorney. On average I get to court once a day every day the Wayne County Circuit ... more

Brett A. Border

I am a full service law firm specializing in consumer debt and bankruptcy law. I have over 15 years experience representing individuals, businesses, the largest mortgage ... more

Robert M. Alonzi

Born and raised in Southeast Michigan, Mr. Alonzi obtained a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Ferris State University, in ... more