Military Law Attorneys

Franklin Hopkins

  Prior to practicing law in Austin, Franklin served his country in the United States Army JAG Corps. Stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, Baghdad, Iraq, ... more

Jeffery Charles King

Jeff King is a tough, ethical, and professional criminal defense attorney that will aggressively fight for the rights of clients in the Dallas, Fort Worth ... more

Keiko Kamille Huey Griffin

Our firm is ready and able to meet your legal needs. You can feel confident that the Law Office of Keiko Griffin will work  ... more

Laurie Michelle Higginbotham

Ms. Higginbotham is a nationally experienced trial and appellate lawyer, having successfully represented clients in state, federal, and appellate courts across the country in ... more

Michael Allen Ludvik

Call (512) 522-4957 ext. 4 for a free consultation today! My name is Michael "Miz" Ludvik, and I am a Marine Corps Infantry Veteran who had the ... more

Douglas K. O'Connell

Doug O’Connell is a licensed attorney with over 20 years of experience practicing in Austin, Texas.  Doug handles criminal and select civil law ... more