Patent Law Attorneys

Richard Gardner Eldredge

Innovation is the catalyst of today's hard-charging world economy. A smart idea can be launched and widely adopted in a fraction of the time it ... more

Warren Vincent Norred

Warren Norred uses his engineering and business experience to help others starting their own organizations in the Arlington area. He's been involved in the community ... more

Steven W. Thrasher

If one word describes you now, it's probably: "CHANGER" ... as in 'Game-Changer.' Creative Hard-working Ambitious iNnovative Goal-minded Energetic & Resourceful  ("Passionate" is ... more

Mark W. Handley

Patent Attorney: Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office 1992 and member of the State Bar of Texas 1991.    Practicing patent ... more

Kelly James Kubasta

In his spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with his wife Britnee, 11-year-old son Jamie, and 8-year-old daughter Averee.  Kelly is also an avid ... more

Jeffrey Oliver Williams

The Law Office of Jeff Williams is a boutique intellectual property firm serving the state of Texas with offices in the Houston and Dallas-Fort ... more

Marc Alan Hubbard

An engineer and a second-generation intellectual property lawyer in Dallas, Texas, I regularly represent public and private companies of all sizes from around the ... more

Christopher J. Rourk

I began my career as an electrical engineer, and decided to go into patent law to help other engineers, scientists and inventors to protect their ... more

Adam Reid Stephenson

As president and founder of the firm and COO of Anticipat, a patent data company, I am no stranger to the challenges of starting new ... more

John Gregory Fischer

Mr. Fischer has been counsel for his clients on numerous patent infringement cases in the Federal Courts from coast to coast, representing clients from North ... more