Consumer and Lemon Law Attorneys

Timothy John Abeel Jr.

Tim started his own consumer law firm with the basic principle -  to treat and approach each case in the same way he would ... more

Jacqueline C. Herritt

For twenty-one years, I have been providing 100% cost-free legal help to distressed drivers under State Lemon Laws and the Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, resulting ... more

Amy Lynn Bennecoff

I am a consumer rights attorney who has used State and Federal laws to provide cost-free legal representation to thousands.  I have been featured ... more

Robert A. Rapkin

Over the past seventeen years, as Senior Attorney for our Eastern and Western Pennsylvania offices,  I have provided cost-free legal help to thousands of ... more

Gregory Thomas Artim

I have been practicing law since 1998. I started as a collection attorney, handling insurance subrogation cases for the most part.  Finding it very ... more

Robert James Fisher Jr.

Attorney and Partner at Edgar Snyder & Associates, a law firm representing injured people   I believe my career path gives me a definitive advantage ... more

David J. Gorberg

David J. Gorberg & Associates - The Lemon Law Attorneys - providing providing free lemon law help to consumers of defective cars in ... more

Craig Thor Kimmel

Protecting the rights of the "little guy" from "big guy" corporations can result in a consumer lawyer finding himself squarely in the crosshairs of the ... more