Juvenile Law Attorneys

Michael E Lawlor

Mr. Lawlor is a founding partner at the law firm of Lawlor & Englert, LLC. Mr. Lawlor’s practice spans most areas of criminal ... more

Jason Alan Shapiro

For over 30 years, Jason A. Shapiro has been a highly recognized and sought after attorney in the state of Maryland. Jason has consistently been recognized ... more

Jaimee Chaveed McDowell

 Jaimee C. Holmes, former Jaimee C. McDowell, is a self professed military brat. Growing up in a military family Jaimee has lived in Japan, ... more

Jennifer Lynn Matthews

Experience listens. Be heard.     15 years experience, having served as both as a Prosecutor and Defense Attorney.  Agressively represented thousands of clients.   ... more

Ronald L Schwartz

The Law Office of Ronald L. Schwartz provides experienced, individualized and outstanding legal representation for the community of College Park, Maryland, and surrounding D.C. ... more

Calistratos Spiros Stafilatos

In selecting a lawyer for your legal needs, it is of great importance that it be someone with a good reputation in the area, proven ... more