Aviation & Maritime Attorneys

Bruce Donald Kehoe

For over 30 years I have represented clients who have suffered serious injuries and life changing damages. I specialize in cases involving auto and truck crashes, ... more

Bruce Lee Kamplain

Bruce is a partner of the firm and was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1950. He is a Registered Civil Mediator. He has over thirty years ... more

James Carroll Buehler

J. C. Buehler is an ATP-rated pilot/attorney with 35 years' experience in aviation law and related fields.  His aviation experience includes 15,000 hours& ... more

Christopher Gordon Stevenson

As an attorney, I am focused on helping clients recover from serious injuries caused by personal injury and aviation ... more

Marc Anthony Nichols

Currently I am a senior executive attorney for the North American arm of Rolls-Royce plc, the British power systems company. I co-lead lead Rolls-Royce’ ... more