Construction, Condemnation & Zoning Attorneys

Chad William Johnson

  Chad W. Johnson is the founding member of Johnson Law. He began his career representing the largest developers and builders in Colorado in construction ... more

Matthew Allan Athey

Matthew A. Athey is a shareholder at Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C.  He is a real estate, business and construction lawyer licensed to ... more

Gerald Lynn Jorgensen

Construction Law has always been my passion.  I enjoy nothing more than taking my truck out to the work site and reviewing defects or ... more

James Alan Greer

"Superb" rated attorney with significant experience in all facets of real estate and every conceiveable construction matter. Available to offer consultation, document review and drafting, ... more

Christopher David Tomchuck & ... more

Jesse Howard Witt

Enjoys tennis, sailing, golf, and ... more

Kyle Charles Kreischer

Kyle C. Kreischer is a shareholder with Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., and heads the Business Services Team and co-heads the Litigation Team. Kyle concentrates ... more

Cinthia Maria Manzano

I enjoy living in Colorado with my family and helping clients throughout the state. Enjoying the beautiful outdoors with my family and dog, ... more

Mark A Herber

Mark Herber was born and raised in Oklahoma. In May 1997 Mark graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with honors, earning a B.A. in ... more